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Promote regenerative outdoor experiences
as your welfare corporate programs!

With your team, participate in outdoor actions with high environmental and social benefits to learn more about Nature.

What is OutBe’s Welfare Program?

Discover the transformative power of our welfare programs, designed to rejuvenate both individuals and teams through immersive outdoor experiences. From nature walks to eco-friendly team building, we redefine well-being.

Choose the activities

Choose among different types of regenerative outdoor activities.

Choose the locations

Depending on where your employees are we provide you with locations.

Enjoy the vouchers

Communicate and distribute the vouchers to enjoy nature in their free time.

Take a look at how Welfare Programs impact corporate sustainability culture

Why should you choose a Welfare Program with OutBe?

OutBe offers more than just standard welfare programs. With customizable vouchers, we empower employees to prioritize their well-being by selecting activities that resonate with them. Elevate your team’s morale and productivity with our tailored approach. Here are all the benefits of our welfare programs:

Incentive to live Nature

Benefits for the whole family

Better health and productivity

Let’s build your sustainable team building together

Discover our tailored, engaging, and eco-friendly team building.
Contact us now to help you craft an unforgettable experience
promoting sustainability and your team’s success.