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Interactive workshops nested in Nature
because in Nature we think better!

With your team, participate in outdoor actions with high environmental and social benefits to learn more about Nature.

What is a Walkshop?

Our workshops in nature stimulate brainstorming and group discussion to understand and solve problems related to climate change.

Choose a topic to explore

Depending on which sustainability topic you want to unfold.

Choose a location in nature

We will select the perfect natural location that is most convenient for you.

Achieve your objectives

As you walk and participate, we will guide you in achieving your goals.

Take a look at how walkshops impact corporate sustainability culture

Why should you choose a Walkshop?

Creativity and problem solving improve dramatically when we are in nature. If your organization is approaching a sustainability transition or facing challenges on this path, the walkshop helps find creative solutions. Here are all the benefits of a Walkshop experience:

Improve your team’s creativity

Stimulate insightful discussion

Engage different stakeholders

Enjoy time in nature

Let’s build your sustainable team building together

Discover our tailored, engaging, and eco-friendly team building.
Contact us now to help you craft an unforgettable experience
promoting sustainability and your team’s success.