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Team building for Good: Too Good To Go joins forces with OutBe for a coastal cleanup

Too Good To Go Italia, the leading company in the fight against food waste, engaged its team for a beach cleanup team building experience.

A group of Too Good To Go Italia employees during the cleanup team building experience

The collaboration, supported by The Black Bag, aimed not only to preserve the natural beauty of Sestri Levante but also to raise awareness about coastal environmental challenges.

Addressing Coastal Sustainability Differently:

Too Good To Go Italia incorporated a unique approach to sustainability during their stay in Sestri Levante. As part of their corporate retreat, they engaged in a beach cleanup organized by OutBe, utilising a scientific protocol.

This sustainable team building not only sought to maintain the pristine beauty of the area but also aimed to educate participants on waste recognition and categorization, enhancing their awareness of coastal environmental issues.

“In Too Good To Go, we are committed daily to combating food waste, a phenomenon that significantly impacts the environment. We thank OutBe for the activity in Sestri Levante, involving our entire Italian team. It was a highly educational moment, increasing awareness about environmental protection and the importance of preserving coastal ecosystems.”

Mirco Cerisola, Italian Country Director of Too Good To Go

The Cleanup Team-Building Experience: how does it work?

Nature restoration activities such as beach cleanups can help the coastal environment and its biodiversity to thrive. However, just removing litter is not enough.

What is even more powerful is to monitor which types of litter are found and communicate it to research projects. This is what we do during a cleanup team building experience

The event began with a scientific briefing by Laura Basaglia, a marine biologist from OutBe, and an organisational introduction by Andrea Canepa from The Black Bag.

Then, Too Good To Go’s team divided into two groups: one focused on waste collection, equipped with gloves and bags, while the other handled the categorization and counting of the collected items.

At the end of the activity, 5052 pieces of waste were collected, totaling 18 kg of plastic. Notable items included 2830 plastic pellets, 1949 cigarette butts, and 74 glass pieces.

“We were all together, we collaborated for a common goal and we have seen our impact concretely but especially it was instructive.”

One of the participants from the Too Good To Go team
an image of the trash collected by Too Good To Go Italia team during the clean up team building activity

Social and environmental impact of the team building activity:

The cleanup activity played a fundamental role firstly in restoring a heavily human-impacted natural space. Secondly, in cataloguing the number and types of waste found.

Indeed, this information is communicated to the scientific community through the Marine Litter Watch protocol, a standardized European approach. 

“Following a standardized protocol at the European level such as that of Marine Litter Watch – devised by the European Environment Agency -, allows citizens to be able to contribute to the collection of those data useful for the creation of international policies.”

Laura Basaglia, marine biologist at OutBe

Laura emphasized the triple importance of beach cleaning:

  • the physical removal of litter boosts nature restoration
  • the collection of useful data supports the scientific research and development
  • the hands-on experience increases personal awareness and critical thinking

Organize your next team building in nature

This collaboration represents a concrete and tangible commitment from Too Good To Go to support a shared sustainability culture. This collaboration serves as a shining example of how businesses can contribute to environmental preservation while fostering team unity and awareness.

Organizing a corporate team building in nature helps to engage the company’s stakeholders while raising awareness. Win win right?