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Sustainable team building: what is it?

Sustainable team building is a group activity to engage corporate staff in awareness-raising experiences on environmental and social sustainability issues.

What does a sustainable team building consist of?

A team building experience can become a catalyst for directly engaging and raising awareness among corporate staff about sustainability strategy and sustainable development issues, both environmental and social.

Team building activities organized by OutBe have 4 basic ingredients:

  • Nature, the activities we propose take place in the open air, in settings of other naturalistic interest, both at sea and on land
  • Outdoor activities, a conscious way to be in nature actively and that gives the opportunity to know what is around us with curious eyes
  • Positive impact on the environment through citizen science activities such as monitoring biodiversity, collecting and cataloging waste, and monitoring waterways to assess their quality
  • Well-being of the people participating, because being in nature improves mental and physical health and allows us to relate better with others, here we have listed the top 5 benefits of teambuilding in nature

Why organize a sustainable team building?

We think there is no reason not to, but here are some of the reasons why you should start organizing your next corporate team building on sustainability issues now.

  • Employee engagement on sustainability issues that are especially close to the heart of the younger generation
  • Employee retention, because team building activities increase motivation and a sense of belonging
  • Sustainability strategy, thanks to sustainable teambuilding you can communicate the sustainability and ESG strategy in a concrete and tangible way and make all staff feel involved
  • Corporate reputation, you can tell about the positive impact on the sustainability report or social channels to inspire others to take action

Listen to whom has already participated.

Examples of team building activities

Our motto is “Impact comes from action” so we want to tell you about sustainable team building experiences that we have already organized in collaboration with proactive companies that got involved and engaged their teams for positive impact on people and the Planet.

Get inspiration from their actions for your next sustainable team building.

Beach Clean-up with Too Good To Go in Sestri Levante

Too Good To Go Italy decided to include, during the team building days in Sestri Levante, a beach clean-up activity through a scientific protocol relying on OutBe, to preserve first of all the natural beauty of this place, but in the meantime learn how to recognize and catalog the different wastes taking more awareness of the current situation of coastal areas.

At the end of the activity, 5052 pieces of trash totaling 18 kg of plastic were collected with 2830 plastic pellets in first place, 1949 cigarette butts and 74 pieces of glass in second place.

The clean-up activity as teambuilding in nature is interesting for:

  • Involving large numbers of people
  • Contributing to environmental issues and SDGs such as 13, 14 and 15 in an active way
  • Doing sustainability training in a proactive and participatory way

Nature Game with Verallia in Finale Ligure

Verallia Italia decided to directly engage staff to talk about biodiversity and create a positive impact on the environment. It thus participated in a Nature Game, or a “biodiversity hunt,” implemented by OutBe, in partnership with zeroCO2. The main goal is to create awareness about the species encountered and their importance to local biodiversity.

The activity took place at Pian delle Pietre, in the Capo Noli-Manie-Val Ponci karst area, an area rich in biodiversity and for this reason included in the Savona provincial system of areas of naturalistic environmental interest.

group during a learning challenge with OutBe in a team building in nature

Nature Game activity as teambuilding in nature is interesting for:

  • Addressing the topic of biodiversity in a fun way thanks to gamification aspects
  • Contributing to environmental issues and SDGs such as 13, 14 and 15 in an active way
  • Organizing an innovative corporate event that is different from the usual teambuilding events

Sorgenia’s Outdoor Challenge, Greeners to Monitor Biodiversity

Sorgenia decided to engage both employees and the community of sustainability-minded customers in a challenge to monitor biodiversity wherever they were. Participants learned how to report species of flora and fauna through their smartphone camera using our dashboard with educational and interactive content.

From theory to practice, thanks to the iNaturalist app, participants participated in the challenge by monitoring more than 1,200 reports of more than 700 different species. Since this is a real challenge, the 15 participants who photographed the most species are rewarded with a wilderness experience.

The Outdoor Challenge activity is a sustainable teambuilding perfect for:

  • Large companies that have multiple locations and find it difficult to organize corporate events due to complex logistics
  • Involving employees as well as corporate stakeholders such as customers and suppliers in the day-to-day, making them feel an integral part of the company and its sustainability strategy
  • Companies that work primarily in smartworking and want to give flexible and practical sustainability tools to their staff
  • Introduce aspects of gamification and make training fun and dynamic

Sustainable team building with OutBe

As you have seen with OutBe, we have already helped many businesses organize corporate team building. If you would like to find out how OutBe can help your company organize team building activities in nature that promote sustainability and collaboration, schedule a call or contact us through the form.