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Team building in Milan: what activities to do in nature?

Team building experiences engage colleagues in activities other than routine that help strengthen team spirit and can bring productivity and motivation benefits even during working hours. This article guides you through some options in nature to organize your team building in Milan.

Infact, one innovative way to engage staff is to organize teambuilding activities in nature. Being outdoors in a natural landscape benefits both physical and mental health, and it also helps to learn more about the environment around us. We have already talked about why to have a team building experience in nature and the top 5 benefits, for staff and for the company.

Activities of team building in Milan, but in nature

The city of Milan may not be known for its greenery, but you might be surprised that there are many options for team building in nature here as well. Here are a few examples:

Walking for Science in Milan, discover nature in the city

The Walking for Science activity consists of an easy and engaging trek to get close to nature, learn how to observe it and help protect it. The walk is led by an expert naturalist and biologist who tells trivia and anecdotes about local species. The focus of the activity is also to give participants some practical tools to contribute to climate action in their daily lives.

Nature Game in Milan, an engaging challenge on biodiversity

How much do you know about biodiversity in Milan? Through the Nature Game, after a brief training on ecology and the importance of biodiversity, the group will divide into teams to photograph and monitor as many species of flora and fauna as they encounter along the way. In the end, there will be a winning group, but all will have contributed to improving knowledge of local biodiversity through their reporting.

Company's team during a nature game woth OutBe monitoring the local biodiversity

Walkshop, the traveling workshop in nature to find more creative ideas

Planning for a sustainable transition within the company is very important. In fact, it is no longer enough to offer excellent services or products, but consumers and general stakeholders of companies promote proactive brands that take into consideration the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and follow an ESG strategy. During the walkshops, the management team is guided through a patented methodology to refine the corporate purpose and understand how to put sustainability at the core of their mission.

Kayaking for Science on the Lake

Near Milan there is also the possibility to do activities on the water such as in the lake. With the team you can participate in a different experience than usual by exploring the lake in two-person kayaks. This will help people work better as a team and coordinate between paddles and beyond, bringing benefits at work as well. Kayak for Science activities aim to bring people closer to nature by participating in activities to collect data on temperature, biodiversity or plastic pollution with high environmental and social benefit.

Create Biodiversity Oases within the city

A synergy between nature and business. We create refuges such as hedgerows and floral oases to expand biodiversity and natural capital. We respond to global challenges by providing refuge for wildlife and engaging your team in immersive monitoring experiences of ecological restoration. Can you imagine a more sustainable future, where concrete action drives change and your company makes a difference?

Increase green space in Milan by planting trees and monitoring their growth

We organize tree planting events in Milan’s parks with partners who specialize in reforestation. This way you can directly involve staff in all stages of corporate forest growth, from planting to monitoring biodiversity over the years.

Organize team building in Milan with OutBe

If you are interested in finding out how OutBe can help your company organize team building experiences in nature that promote sustainability and collaboration, book a call or contact us through the form.