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Sorgenia Learning Challenge: how to engage all your stakeholders

Sorgenia, leading player in the energy sector, has embarked on a Learning Challenge, a groundbreaking initiative in collaboration with OutBe.

The “Sorgenia Citizen Science Challenge,” launched in April 2023. It is a testament to environmental commitment, engaging over 300,000 Greeners—Sorgenia’s community of employees and clients dedicated to living sustainably.

This Challenge involved participants in terrestrial and marine monitoring activities, contributing valuable data to scientific research.

Participant of a learning challenge with OutBe who is using iNaturalist to take a picture of a species

The Sorgenia Citizen Science Challenge Unveiled

The challenge lasted five months and comprised two phases that call upon Greeners to engage in nature monitoring activities. During the spring, the focus has been on biodiversity research through outdoor sports on land. In the summer, the emphasis shifted to observing marine flora and fauna. 

Sorgenia’s Learning Challenge: how does it work?

OutBe’s Learning Challenge goes beyond traditional training, equipping individuals to easily engage in environmental monitoring. Indeed, OutBe provides all the learning material needed to turn an ordinary person into an extraordinary citizen scientist.

What does it mean? That anyone, after OutBe’s training, becomes able to do easy environmental monitoring. During a learning challenge, the training is easily done through OutBe’s learning platform, through video pills, and fun anecdotes.

Then, participants are ready to take part in the challenge. With regards to biodiversity, they can easily contribute to scientific research by uploading photos and recordings of different species on a dedicated page on iNaturalist

The Sorgenia Citizen Science Challenge recognizes the urgent need to address biodiversity loss, a consequence of climate change, and empowers individuals to provide valuable information to the scientific community.

OutBe helps proactive companies like Sorgenia to identify a planetary issue. It can range from climate change, biodiversity loss to plastic pollution. And gives the instruments to the stakeholders involved to contribute and be part of the solution!

Mapping Sustainability with OutBe: ESG Standards Adoption

Sorgenia, in partnership with OutBe, has committed to increasing their stakeholders’ awareness on the topic of citizen science according to ESG standards. This step reinforces Sorgenia’s dedication to transparent and accountable sustainability practices.

Positive impacts of the learning challenge experience

The learning challenge has several benefits:

  • It boosts engagement through gamification
  • It contributes to the data collection for environmental research
  • It helps your company introduce sustainability topics in a tangible and concrete way
  • It encourages your stakeholders to spend more time in nature, which in turn improves wellbeing and productivity. Check out the benefits of nature on our wellbeing

Indeed, the learning challenge helps to contribute both to environmental and social aspects. It covers different SDGs and monitors KPIs that can be inserted in the sustainability report or in the company’s internal and external communication strategy.

Learning Challenge, the perfect team building experience

The Learning Challenge with Sorgenia, powered by the innovative partnership with OutBe, exemplifies the fusion of technology, environmental consciousness, and community engagement.

As Greeners unite in the pursuit of biodiversity protection, the initiative stands as a beacon of hope, showcasing the impact achievable when companies and startups collaborate for a sustainable future. 

If you want to engage your company and become part of a global community dedicated to safeguarding our planet’s biodiversity check out our team building experiences in nature.