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Snorkeling for Science: OutBe and Paul & Shark for World’s Ocean Day

For World’s Ocean Day, Paul & Shark decided to parter up with OutBe to organize a memorable sailing and Snorkeling for Science adventure.

Paul & Shark is a luxury Italian clothing brand founded in 1975 and since then is present in the sports fashion business with collections inspired by the universe of yachting, the outdoor life, performance and elegance.

Paul & Shark’s objective for the Snorkeling for Science

The company’s commitment to ethical and credible green marketing led to the creation of innovative campaigns in collaboration with influencers and journalists. Together, we devised experiential initiatives that aligned with their values, including the groundbreaking “Snorkeling for Science” activity.

In this initiative, participants donned Paul & Shark gear and immersed themselves in marine conservation efforts. Through a guided snorkeling excursion, they gained firsthand insights into underwater ecosystems while actively contributing to scientific research.

This hands-on approach not only resonated with the brand’s ethos but also provided influencers and journalists with authentic experiences to share.

snorkeling for science and kayaking for science

OutBe: Pioneers in Outdoor Impact:

OutBe specializes in promoting the “Outdoor for Good” lifestyle. By creating high-impact outdoor programs for companies, OutBe has established itself as a trailblazer in environmental and social sustainability initiatives.

Snorkeling for Science experience: how does it work?

Snorkeling for Science is a littoral experience to explore the rocky shores of the Mediterranean through a simple and impactful algae, sea urchin and shellfish monitoring protocol.

The activity commenced with a scientific briefing by Luca Tixi, biologist and naturalist at OutBe. Then, the crew jumped out of the sail to explore the breathtaking Ligurian coast.

Scientific Cataloging: what is the positive impact?

Coastal data is fundamental, as this type of data is a key index for understanding water quality and the balance of the marine ecosystem.

During any sustainable team building experience organized by OutBe, all the data is communicated to the scientific community.

Organize your next corporate team building in nature

This collaboration stands as a tangible commitment to uphold the natural beauty of the Mediterranean sea and promote a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

It showcases how impactful nature team building activities can be in fostering environmental consciousness and corporate responsibility.