Playground is a short movie about a discovery journey of deep love and connection with the sea.

Citizen science offers a tangible opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the preservation of our planet by fostering awareness and proactive engagement in its conservation efforts.


How are our ecosystems and the species living in them?


What’s the value of collecting water temperature data


Collecting plastic is a good first step, but there’s a lot more to know and to do


Alessandro Dotti

Filmer & Director

Andrea Lamorte

Protagonist & Director

Luca Tixi

Protagonist & Director

Alberto Carmagnani

Photographer of the project

Arianna Liconti

Marine biologist and sea addicted


Federico Traverso

Graphic designer, photographer and water guy

Francesco Farci

Professional sailor

Giovanni Evangelisti

Surfer, spear fisherman and surfcoach 


Citizen Science

noun [ U ]/ˈsɪt.ɪ.zən ˌsaɪ.əns/ /ˈsɪt̬.ə.zən ˌsaɪ.əns/

scientific work, for example collecting information, that is done by ordinary people without special qualifications, in order to help the work of scientists.

The large number of outdoor enthusiasts users worldwide are proving fundamental in
collecting data over large temporal and spatial scales. Especially in times of climate change and financial difficulties, the implementation of targeted citizen science protocols is impactful.

Protecting the Ocean is a matter of understanding it

Yet, the Ocean is too big for scientists to monitor it all, and around 1/6 marine species – only in the Mediterranean sea – are considered data deficient

People who experience the Ocean everyday
can be the many eyes and hands that science needs

More than 4 million people (around 7% of the population) regularly practice watersports activities

Unity is strength

Each piece of data collected individually holds immense value that, when combined, can contribute to significant change for the preservation of our seas

Do you also want to learn how to practice citizen science at sea?


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