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Learning Challenge: nature and gamification, a perfect match!

The Learning Challenge is a fascinating synergy of technology, outdoor activities and community engagement designed to catalyze tangible impact. How can nature and gamification work together effectively? Let’s find out together.

iNaturalist for Learning Challenge - OutBe Experience

What is the learning challenge?

The learning challenge is the perfect mix of technology, outdoors and community engagement that allows large numbers of people to be involved in making a tangible impact.

The challenge always has a goal related to monitoring and collecting data in nature using the iNaturalist app. Once the goal is defined, the challenge is divided into two phases:

  • Learning: participants are provided with multimedia and text content divided into sections to become aware and familiar with the challenge tool (iNaturalist application), and to learn more about the terrestrial and marine ecosystem;
  • Challenge: ready, set, go! Once the learning section is finished, the real challenge starts, which consists of collecting the most data through the iNaturalist application to be able to get first place!

Nature and Gamification: a perfect pairing!

The learning challenge is the perfect pairing that combines the healthy competition of gamification with spending time in nature.

Through the leverage of gamification, which stimulates users’ active interest, it encourages action that generates significant impact: being in nature practicing citizen science.

Learning Challenge - OutBe Experience

Gamification associated with nature works because:

  • Makes the experience more engaging: creating challenges in a natural space helps to engage people more because has different stimuli on our minds and the movement we make.
  • It promotes sustainable behaviors: during challenges in nature, it is often people who become aware of the degradation or not of the playground. Automatically, participants feel more involved and practice good conservation practices such as picking up trash on the trail;
  • Creates a sense of community and sharing: when we are in nature we are more open to relationships with others, this is because it lowers stress levels and clears the mind. Challenges in nature encourage sharing and bonding among participants.

The learning challenge is a great way to engage as many people as possible on their own, and at the same time embrace environmental sustainability as a personal as well as corporate value.

This project is a great start for companies to internalize sustainability into their core values, starting with raising awareness among their people.

Learning Challenge with Sorgenia: discovering biodiversity

Sorgenia is a leading electricity and natural gas company.
Sustainability within the company is key internally, but also externally, in fact the challenge is designed to engage the entire Greeners community, more than 300,000 customers and employees of the company, which promotes and rewards all positive actions that contribute to improving the Planet.

The Sorgenia Citizen Science Challenge was launched in April 2023 and ended in September 2023 the goal was to monitor as many marine and terrestrial species as possible using the iNaturalist app.
Learn more about the purpose-built challenge for Sorgenia.