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Team Building Experience

Sustainability team building experience
to engage and motivate your team or clients

With your team, participate in outdoor actions with high environmental and social benefits to learn more about Nature.

Take your team out into nature, learn how everyone can contribute to the preservation of the local area, both at sea and on land with our team building experience.

Choose the best outdoor Team Building for your team

We organize sustainable team building events, to engage corporate staff, create a true culture of sustainability and enhance your green (& blue) commitment through concrete activities for the well-being of your people and the Planet.

Walking for Science

Trekking and citizen science activities to monitor biodiversity, freshwater quality and the amount of CO2 captured by trees.

Kayaking for Science

Explore the coast while kayaking, monitor the coastal biodiversity and collect macro and micro plastics.

Snorkeling for Science

A snorkeling experience to monitor the rocky shores of the Mediterranean through a simple and impactful monitoring protocol.

Nature Game

A gamification challenge that engages the team in finding the most species of flora and fauna and explore local biodiversity.

Corporate Retreat

Escape the ordinary with our retreats in nature, where relaxation meets performance enhancement as teams bond outdoors.


Choose a topic to explore and a location in nature. As you walk, we will guide you in achieving your sustainability goals.

Why should you do a Team Building Experience with OutBe?

  • Sustainable corporate culture: OutBe promotes CSR values through regenerative outdoor experiences.
  • Measurable local impact: Beneficial activities for local communities, transparent measurements.
  • Effective team building: Encourages collaboration, communication, and lasting relationships.
  • Individual well-being: Stress reduction, increased creativity and productivity.
  • Positive behavioral change: Environmental awareness and consciousness.
  • Future responsibility: Innovative approach for sustainable actions, long-term value.
  • Engagement and measurable results: Involvement and ROI through performance indicators.

Let’s build your sustainable team building together

Discover our tailored, engaging, and eco-friendly team building.
Contact us now to help you craft an unforgettable experience
promoting sustainability and your team’s success.