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Nature Team Building: Verallia explores local biodiversity

Verallia Italia, a top glass manufacturer, teamed up with OutBe for a unique nature-based team-building event. Discover how this initiative boosted biodiversity awareness and social engagement.

Team Building Activity: the Nature Game

The “Nature Game” unfolded at Pian delle Pietre, a biodiversity hotspot in Liguria (Italy). OutBe’s biologist, Federico Biguzzi, led teams in a focused hunt for rare pollinators. A debrief followed, sharing insights gained during the activity.

The main goal of Verallia’s team building was to preserve the natural beauty of the place and at the same time create awareness about the species encountered and their importance to local biodiversity.

Company's team during a nature game woth OutBe monitoring the local biodiversity

Nature Game: an activity to engage and learn

The “Nature Game” took place at Pian delle Pietre. This is an area rich in biodiversity within the Savona provincial system of naturalistic environmental interest areas. OutBe’s terrestrial biologist, Federico Biguzzi, led participants through a scientific briefing, highlighting the significance of local biodiversity.

Divided into 5 teams, participants engaged in a captivating “biodiversity hunt,” focusing on pollinator species increasingly rare in the area. After exploration, teams regrouped for a scientific debrief, sharing the knowledge gained during the activity.

Social and environmental impact of Verallia’s team building in nature

Post-event feedback results were extraordinary. 78% of participants reported a significant increase in their environmental responsibility, while 84% believed they had acquired tangible tools to protect nature. These findings underscore the transformative power of team building experiences in nature in fostering behavioral changes and inspiring concrete climate actions.

Corporate vision and environment

Andrea Lodigiani, CFO of Verallia Italia, emphasized the importance of focusing on environmental issues through moments of aggregation and training. After the experience he shared that “It is crucial for Verallia to focus on these issues, through times of gathering and training, and then disseminate them within the company and create awareness in our people”.

This collaboration confirmed that only through teamwork can significant results be achieved, contributing meaningfully to the improvement of the environment we live in.

Verallia Italia, a key player in glass container production for the food & beverage industry, joined forces with OutBe, a startup promoting the “Outdoor for Good” lifestyle. The activity was supported by zeroCO2, a certified B-Corp committed to developing innovative nature-based solutions to mitigate the climate crisis.

Engage your team in a sustainable team building

This initiative not only strengthened the bond among Verallia’s employees but also demonstrated how nature-based team building can be an effective lever for promoting sustainability and environmental awareness.

The positive impact of this experience will resonate for a long time, inspiring concrete actions for the preservation of our environment. Do you feel inspired as well?