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Walking for Science team building: how CMA CGM engaged their team for World Cleanup Day

CMA CGM, a global player in sea, land, air, and logistics solutions, joined forces with OutBe and The BlackBag. In order to engage the team on World Clean Up Day, CMA CGM chose a Walking for Science team building. 

The event, held at Parco delle Mura in Genova, was not just a cleanup initiative. Indeed, the objective was a comprehensive effort to monitor local biodiversity using scientific protocols. This nature-centric team-building activity, organized by OutBe, aimed to preserve the natural beauty of the area while increasing awareness about the current environmental situation.

CMA CGM’s Unique Approach to Sustainability:

To tackle sustainability from a unique perspective, CMA CGM chose a dynamic approach: a Walking for Science team building. This highly customizable experience included a clean-up and biodiversity monitoring activity.

This initiative aimed firstly to restore the pristine beauty of the chosen location and educate participants about environmental pollution. Thus, the ultimate goal was to enhance environmental awareness within the community.

OutBe: Pioneers in Outdoor Impact:

OutBe, the innovative startup and a benefit corporation, specializes in promoting the “Outdoor for Good” lifestyle. By creating high-impact outdoor programs for companies, OutBe has established itself as a trailblazer in environmental and social sustainability initiatives.

The event was support ed by The Black Bag, a non-profit association dedicated to environmental conservation, serving as the technical partner.

Walking for Science team building: how does it work?

Walking for Science is a trekking tour that incentivizes people to look at nature with curious eyes. Learn through the observation and the use of easy scientific protocols. In this way, participants not only learn more about the environment, but contribute to its protection!

The activity commenced with a scientific briefing by Federico Biguzzi, biologist and naturalist at OutBe. Then, CMA CGM team traversed the trails, collecting waste along the way and monitoring local flora and fauna with iNaturalist.

At the end of the acitivity, adter the debriefing, participants shared their thoughts and reflections.

Scientific Cataloging: what is the positive impact?

During cleanup activities, collecting litter is an important part for nature restoration. Nevertheless, monitoring the number and types of litter found can be really impactful for scientific purposes.

During any sustainable team building experience organized by OutBe, all the data is communicated to the scientific community.

Organize your next corporate team building in nature

This collaboration stands as a tangible commitment to uphold the natural beauty of Parco delle Mura and promote a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

It showcases how impactful nature team building activities can be in fostering environmental consciousness and corporate responsibility.