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Learning Challenge

Independent missions, but with a common corporate purpose:
to experience and learn about Nature in order to protect it more and more

Challenges can be done wherever you like, in the park, in the forest, on the beach, on the coast, and even in the sea!

The Learning Challenge provides the tools to carry out environmentally beneficial outdoor actions independently while competing with others toward a common mission.


E-learning with entertaining and interactive videos on outdoor wellbeing, marine and terrestrial ecology, citizen science, monitoring protocols


Choose the theme, between biodiversity and plastic pollution, the duration and the prize, and then launch the sustainability challenge


Using surveys and data collected during activities we monitor the impact on participants and the environment through a report

Why should you do a Challenge with OutBe?

Sustainability skills development

Development of specialized skills in an easy and applied manner. This enables staff to gain a deeper understanding of sustainability issues, so as to create a true corporate culture.

Employee engagement and motivation

Employees feel motivated and actively participate in putting new knowledge into practice. This stimulates their involvement in the company, creating a sense of belonging and increasing satisfaction.

Corporate image and reputation

By activating a learning challenge, the company becomes a model of social and environmental responsibility, positioning itself distinctively in the market and standing out from the competition.

Some case studies of proactive companies that have actively involved staff in a sustainability journey

We believe that only by living nature with curious eyes can we learn about it and in this way protect it for real.

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Contribute to 8 SDGs of the 2030 Agenda together with OutBe

Let us work together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, because through collaboration and sharing we can work toward climate action.


With OutBe you can engage your team in an outdoor environmental and social sustainability program to improve the well-being of people and the planet.

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