Help nature out

Connecting science, nature & society through outdoor sports

For a real tangible impact on the health and wellbeing of People and the Planet.

An innovative win-win model of interaction between people and nature, where outdoor sports, ecology and science meet.

By practicing the outdoor sports we love

we help science to monitor and restore nature

taking care of the wellbeing of us and the Planet

Fancy joining out for nature?

In our ecosystem, everyone can take action for the environment and their wellbeing in a simple, measurable, yet impactful and fun way: everyone can do their part.

institution, group and centre willing to access citizen science data and involve the public in their science
citizen science initiatives in a global supporting network ready to be matched with outdoor enthusiasts
willing to learn about nature, participate in citizen science actions and be at the service of nature conservation
for impactful conservation actions that do good for the environment, employees and sustainability scores
tourist, sporty person, family and activist willing to give your service to science and nature conservation while having fun

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This is no ordinary fill in form, yet an out-doorway to get in nature to protect nature. Sign up to our network and get informed, matched and trained to #helpnatureout.

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