Outdoor programs with positive environmental and social impact

for proactive companies
Corporate sustainability programs to promote health and wellbeing, for us and Planet Earth
because we are Nature, too.

We support people and companies to live, understand and protect Nature and the Ocean with our custom science-proof method.

Employee Engagement
we engage company teams in impactful experiences to boost motivation and people’s well-being

Sustainability Culture
we offer environmental and social sustainability programs to support the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda

Impact Measurement
we update the social and environmental impact of the activities supported by the company

Our custom science-proof method

Measurable, fun, long-term outdoor programs for proactive companies that want to bring a sustainability culture into their DNA with our science-proof method based on citizen science.

Everything you do throughout the program will be tracked and measured in our platform, and you will be able to see the progress of your company’s social and environmental impact.


Update knowledge and create a shared culture on local biodiversity.


Take part in team outdoor actions to better understand and protect nature.


Measure the positive impact of your company actions and supported projects.

Tell the story

Together we share the value of your actions to inspire others to do the same.

OutBe’s sustainability services for your company

Impact comes from action.

Pick and choose the next way your company will have a positive impact on people and the Planet.


Independent missions, but with a common corporate goal: live and learn about Nature so as to protect it


Sustainability team building experiences and corporate events to engage and motivate your teams


Projects carried out by the local community to collect useful data for science and act against climate change

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outdoor actions for the wellbeing of People and Planet Earth.

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